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Products of Pepco Fiberglass (GRP)


Bath tub
Shower tray
GRP lamination/ lining
Firbre glass door
Parking sheds
Parking sheds 2
Wall panels for tents
Cylindrical tanks
Grp canopy for doors and windows
Pile cap
Grp barrier poles
Chemical /oil /acid storage tanks
Underground Septic tanks
Chairs and tables
Laundry bin
Litter bins
GRP Balustrades & column
GRP decorative planter
GRP Meter box
Sand basket
GRP Panel Tank
Manhole liners
GRP ladder
Porta cabin
Wash basin
Ac tray and grill cover
Grp gratting
Manhole covers
Grp gully pots
Grp translucent roofing sheets
GRP flanges
Grp ladder
Slider- water theme parks
Wall cladding
Domes & Pyramids
GRP pile fittings nad flanges
Sediment bucket
Walk way roofs
GRP pipe saddles
Coping stone
GRP sandwich panels
Water pump covers
GRP Balustrades
GRP Canopy
GRP air vent  fire retardant
GRP Water Slides
Sectional Tanks
GRP marker post
GI CAT Ladder
GRP Portacabin(as your Choice)
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